Home Loan Forms and Checklists

If you haven’t lived in Cairns before, or even not moved for a while, it’s worth remembering that Cairns can be different to other places in Australia.  There are things to consider like flood areas, cyclone ratings and whether there are good cycle lanes around your property.  It’s also good to check out the costs of living in Cairns as these can vary from other Australian cities quite dramatically.  If you need any help or assistance with costs, where to buy or what life is like in Cairns just talk to Ewan (07) 4031 4119 – he’s been in Cairns for quite some time!

These checklists can also help you find the home of your dreams, or the right investment property!

Loans Budgeting-checklist

Home Purchase Costs Checklist

Home Viewing Checklist


You can print off a home loan application form here and complete it before you come to see us. Or you can just leave it to us and we’ll complete it whilst you have a coffee.

Loan Application form April 2017

Existing Customer Redraw Funds form