Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance

Make sure your investment property is protected with CGU Landlord Insurance, providing coverage for flats, units, apartments and houses that are leased or rented to tenants.

When it comes to protecting your investment property, CGU Landlords Residential Property Insurance provides comprehensive cover against deliberate and intentional acts by tenants, vandalism and loss of rent.

Protect your property against an increased range of events. Rather than a long list of acceptable risks, there’s a short list of events and mishaps that are not covered. So if something happens and it’s not on the list of exclusions, you know you’re covered.

Key features

  • Optional replacement benefit for buildings
  • Includes flood cover
  • Choose your level of liability cover
  • Optional loss of rent cover if the building is unliveable after a loss
  • Optional rent default and theft by tenants (including legal costs you incur)
  • Workers’ compensation

Landlord Insurance – summary of features

PDS CGU Landlords Jan 2016

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