Overseas and International Services

At Cairns Penny we make it easier for you to arrange everything you need for travel or sending money overseas. You should always read the product disclosure statement and the accompanying Financial Services Guide before buying any of the products below.

  • Telegraphic transfers
  • Money in Minutes™
  • Bank drafts
  • Receiving Money from Overseas Into Your Cairns Penny Account
  • Multi-currency cash passport
  • Travel Insurance

Telegraphic Transfers

Telegraphic Transfers Order Form

Important Information

A Telegraphic Transfer (also known as a ‘Wire’) is an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to a beneficiary’s overseas bank account. A Telegraphic Transfer is an electronic instruction to the nominated Payee’s bank. This means it is more secure than physical payment means such as cheques or drafts (make sure you use the correct account details). You can include brief messages as part of the payment transaction.

  • Backed by Western Union Business Solutions
  • Certainty about when the payment was sent/received
  • Payments can be made between local and overseas organisations or people
  • Send money in over 130 currencies to over 200 countries and territories
  • Generally faster than drafts as the Payee’s bank normally receives payment within 24 – 72 hours of the Telegraphic Transfer being sent. This is not a delivery period guarantee. Some currencies may take longer to process than others
  • Economical way of transferring large amounts overseas
  • $30.00 to $50.00 fee for each Telegraphic Transfer


Receiving Money from Overseas Into Your Cairns Penny Account

Click here to arrange for money from overseas to be deposited into your Cairns Penny account

Important Information

Receiving money from overseas into your account is simple.

Backed by Western Union Business Solutions, Cairns Penny offers a timely and reliable incoming international payment service   Simply use this link and you will find all the information and the forms you need to receive money from overseas.

  • Lock in a competitive exchange rate for 72 hours
  • You won’t be charged a ‘beneficiary deduct’ fee so will get the full payment amount.
  • Fast and reliable service: you can usually expect funds to reach Cairns Penny within 2 to 3 business days of being sent from overseas.

If you’re getting regular payments from overseas, such as a pension, we can help too – just come and see us and we’ll help you to set it up.


Money in Minutes

Money in Minutes Form

Important Information

Cairns Penny uses Western Union’s Money in MinutesTM service to allow you to send cash to more than 490,000 locations in over 200 countries and territories around the world, with the funds available for collection by the receiver in minutes.

Come in to arrange a Money in Minutes™ Transfer.

  • Available in more than 120 currencies
  • Perfect if you are looking to send money fast, easy and reliably.
  • It’s fast -money is available for collection within minutes after being sent.
  • It’s easy -the sender and receiver do not have a bank account. The receiver requires a cash payout.
  • The receiver is not charged – only a one-time fee is paid by the sender and the receiver pays no fees.
  • It’s reliable -Western Union has over 140 years of providing money transfer services using advanced technology and a worldwide computer network.


Foreign Drafts

Draft Order Form

Important Information

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to send money overseas, then consider sending your funds via a draft. If you have no time constraints, are happy using the mail and you don’t need the funds to be paid directly into an account, then a Draft would be suitable.

  • A draft is like a bank cheque made out in a foreign currency
  • Easy and affordable way to make payments or settle a transaction overseas.
  • Drafts can be sent overseas via the mail and are available in a wide range of currencies.
  • $15 fee for foreign drafts


Multi-Currency Cash Passport

Important Information

Cairns Penny can arrange a multi-currency cash passport through MasterCard Prepaid for your convenience.

  • Load multiple currencies onto one easy to use Card – http://www.cashpassport.com shows the currencies supported.
  • Automatically selects the currency for your transaction.
  • Chip & PIN protected for enhanced security and worldwide acceptance
  • Access local currency from millions of ATMs worldwide that accept Mastercard
  • Reload in branch or online via debit card, bank transfer or BPAY®
  • Free second card as back-up
  • 24/7 Global Emergency Assistance
  • View your account, transactions and manage your currency balances online

Travel Money

Important Information

What’s one of the first things we need to have when we step into a foreign country? Local Cash! Simple things like buying a coffee, bottle of water or paying a taxi become difficult if we do not have the local currency to purchase them with. By partnering with Travelex, we can offer you Australia’s largest range of currencies and denominations major currencies

  • Order your currency before leaving Australia and take the hassle out of queues at the airport.
  • Usually available for collection in less than 7 days

For security reasons, you should not carry around large amounts of cash. As an alternative to cash the Cash Passport is a safe and convenient way to carry your holiday money.