Our customers are amazing! Not only do we get great testimonials from them – they appear in our advertising!

We wanted to use real customers, as we believe they are the stars of our business. They are the reason we exist after all.

We know we give great service – but we want you to hear this from the people that use us, rather than us just telling you that!

We are really excited to announce that our new TV ad – starring more amazing customers – starts airing on 22nd March. 

Michael & Kirsten, Edmonton

Michael and Kirsten got their home loan pre-approved even before they started looking. They soon found the home of their dreams (and it really is gorgeous!). Watch their story here.


Arthur and Cheryl – Koah


Our first customers in the advertisements were Arthur and Cheryl from Koah. We were very lucky to be invited to their amazing home to film and photograph them. You may have seen Arthur and Cheryl on TV or even on the side of a bus in Cairns. Their experience with Cairns Penny is that we helped them to pay off their home loan quicker, save them money and that we care about them. Watch their TV ad here.


We have new advertisements in production – look out for them here!