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When dreaming about your next holiday, the last thing you’re imagining is that something bad is going to happen. However, the fact is that there are more than 20,000 incidents a year involving Australians overseas¹. When you consider those numbers it makes sense to travel with the peace of mind that CGU travel insurance provides.

Travel insurance is useful not just for major scenarios but for more common occurrences such as lost luggage, stolen possessions (purse, wallet, travel documents etc.), cancelled flights, involvement in an accident, or a medical emergency in a foreign hospital.

Cover your trip

CGU Travel Insurance covers you for almost any mishap that could occur when travelling.

Whether you’re heading overseas or travelling within Australia, CGU offers a wide range of affordable travel insurance plans, with benefits tailored to your destination.

24-hour Worldwide Emergency Hotline

If you find yourself in difficulty when travelling, one reverse charge phone call from anywhere in the world CGU will put you in touch with their multilingual staff. Their expert assistance can help you manage any problems or emergencies.

Within Australia (02) 8895 0698

Outside Australia +61 2 8895 0698

Levels of cover

CGU offer four levels of international cover so that you can choose the amount of protection that suits you best. It is important to note that depending on your destination, a minimum level may be required in order to ensure you are adequately protected.

For domestic travel CGU have crafted a one size fits all policy and all you need to do is choose to purchase as a single or a double.

Types of Cover

Singles/Doubles Cover

CGU offers a range of covers to suit different needs. You can choose between single or doubles cover, for which both cover any dependent children at no additional cost.

Seniors Cover

If you are travelling in Australia you only need to complete a medical assessment if you have a pre-existing medical condition that you want to be covered for; otherwise you can be covered for domestic travel insurance regardless of your age.

At CGU we do offer seniors cover for International travel however, if you are over 70, CGU do ask you to complete an online medical assessment before they determine your cover.

Pre Existing Medical Cover

Claims for most pre-existing medical conditions are specifically excluded from this policy; however CGU do provide automatic cover for some medical conditions that meet certain requirements.

For all other pre-existing medical conditions you may still be able to obtain cover.

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions is optional and if you are approved an additional premium will apply if you decide to add the extra cover.

Some of the key things CGU Travel insurance covers

  Overseas medical, dental and additional medical expenses
  Luggage and travel documents
  Emergency purchases for lost or delayed luggage
  Cancellations, delays and rescheduled travel cover
  Returning you to Australia if medically required
  Video cameras, cameras and portable electronic equipment
  Return of hire car and excess waver
  Loss of income if you are unable to return to work once you get back to Australia

Some things that are outside of your cover

  Any incident that does not occur during the period of insurance
  Any act of violence or intentional damage by you
  Hunting, off-piste skiing, polo, yachting in international waters
  Theft or loss of cash or banknotes
  The effects of alcohol or drugs
  Not following travel warnings by governments or the media
  Stress disorders that result in deciding not to travel
  Any illegal or unlawful act

PDS CGU Travel Jan 2016

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